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Each year, we have our Contestants, sponsored and they usually find their own Escorts. This year, however, we are allowing Escorts to apply online, and we can match to Contestants who are having difficulty . Escorts can now Opply Online via the Escort Application form. We are looking for Male Escorts to accompany our Queens throughout the festival.

You must be upbeat, confident, and a gentleman.

As a Queen Escort your primary role is to look after your Queen and ensure her time at the Festival is a memorable and enjoyable experience.

Your duties include:

  • Being an ambassador for the objectives, traditions and ethos of the Queen Of The Sea Festival.
  • Supporting and assisting your Queen.
  • Providing a supporting role to all the Queens.
  • Working as a team with all the Queen Escorts, the Queens, the Queen Escort Liaison Team and the Festival Management Team in the delivery of the Queen Of The Sea Festival.
  • Acting as a spokesperson for yourself, your community, your sponsor, your Queen Of The Sea Festival.
  • Undertaking duties, functions, activities for a Queen Of The Sea Sponsor or Charity Partner.
  • Showing commitment and responsibility.

Applications are open until June 30th, 2016

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